Architectural Control Committee

***Please read full page and Request instructions prior to Request submission.***

Request Information
Please see below for application. Please send completed application, with all necessary support, to the contact information located here. Please submit information as soon as possible to avoid delays in approval.

We work as quickly as possible to process each request. Please provide information electronically to expedite this request. Also, please provide addresses of any homes within the community that already have requested modification (such as roof color) as this will greatly reduce the turnaround time on more complex requests.

Please follow general guidelines in application below. Each request requires unanimous Board approval without requiring a meeting and neighborhood input. An overwhelming majority of requests are approved unanimously by the Board.

Should the Board decline a request the homeowner may request that a public meeting be held within 30 days of the rejection at which the homeowner’s request can be subsequently approved with the approval of 2/3 of homeowners present at said meeting per Board Rule 2.05.

For any other questions, Contact Us or see Covenants

ACC Application